Some initial comments about the watch:

“The watch movement is a dream”

“A jewel” (a watch expert on the movement)

“…an exclusive movement and the most exclusive and most difficult case I have ever made” (the case maker)

“…a great watch!”, “…a very beautiful watch” (a designer working in the watch sector, and an upmarket watchmaker)

“The watch looks really good” (someone who has a keen interest in watches)

“I've never seen a watch like this before; beautiful and very exclusive” (movement finisher); “A very beautiful, well hand-crafted piece, clean lines in the engravings” (a watchmaker, and a watch specialist referring to the reworked movement)

“The watch is a real success and the dial and the hands are fantastically clear” (a watchmaker)

But naturally your opinion is what counts! I look forward to hearing from you!