How to Order

Orders are processed as follows: you can assemble your dream watch using the table of possible combinations and other options (e.g. on the order form). As admittedly you are spoiled for choice, you may find the pictures helpful. I am naturally also available to offer advice and practical help.

Please fill in two copies of the order form, sign both copies and send them back to me (only 1 copy needs an original signature). I will sign and return one copy to you along with an invoice. A deposit for the watch (see order form) is required. Once the amount has been credited to my account, your movement will be finished according to your specifications and the watch completed. Depending on the order volume, this may take approximately 4 to 5 months. The goal is that it should be no longer than 4 months. However, please understand that it may take longer due to the amount of work involved as meticulous manual work takes time and there is a much longer waiting period for any of the "big name" brands.

I will inform you as soon as the watch is ready. At that point I will also request the balance due in the same form as the advance payment (see A frank word about payment) within 14 days. Once the balance is received, the watch will be delivered to you in person by a CIT company by appointment only. Transportation is free within Germany. Each watch with its many options is essentially a one-off production. Nevertheless, I have decided to grant you a 14-day return policy at no cost to you. In case of returns, I would only ask that you make use of the CIT service that we recommend, because otherwise the product is only insured for up to €500. Of course, the law states that you cannot be charged for the cost of return by the CIT company. If you are not satisfied with the watch, and wish to return it, I would be grateful if you could inform me beforehand. If you have not made a final decision to purchase the watch, you should not order it and use it, as otherwise I will be obliged to charge you for possible deterioration of the product. The watch is guaranteed for two years. For further details please refer to the Terms and Conditions. As this watch is produced in very limited quantities, you have the chance to acquire a special and rare watch, but this also means that your dream watch may not always be available. Therefore, don't wait too long before reaching a decision!

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